VisDare #37: Calculations

The countdown would begin in two days and the team was behind schedule. Although the rocket had passed all safety tests, they were struggling with the trajectory calculations. “What are you doing now?” Stephens was annoyed as he stalked across the launch pad to where Matthews was working at something.

“I can’t get it right,” Matthews was mumbling. He looked up at Stephens, his eyes frantic. “The Measurement Team said this module should sit at 20, but I can’t get the trajectory calculations to come out right when it’s at 20. I think they are wrong.”

Stephens rolled his eyes; Matthews had been a wildcard hire from the beginning and as the project advanced he became even stranger. “So you think you know better than the whole team now, eh, Matthews?”

The man shook his head worriedly. “I’m not saying that generally but this time, I dare say I am.”

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