Daily Prompt: The Day The Earth…

So the Daily Post pixies demanded to know

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

It’s Tuesday and I’m a bit cranky, so I am going to rebel against answering.

Not really.

It’s more that the idea of doing something while time stands still is a bit to Twilight Zone for me. I mean really–I don’t want to be Burgess Meredith at the library. So to that end, I’ll leave messing with time standing still to those who know how. God, and Michael Rennie.

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    1. I considered how I might become a bit more, shall we say, financially stable, but the apparent time limit to the standing still (and the repercussions of the theft that would inevitably have to take place, along with the complications, such as “if everything is stopped, how can I get into any bank vault or teller space since at our local banks all such areas are locked with special electronic timers or from the inside?” Would I resort to purse/wallet snatching or pickpocketing?). I know, she doth think too much… 😀

      1. Theft? There’s no actual money left – it’s all just numbers on paper – and it’s all worthless really, so adding a few zeros of imaginary money in my account doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

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