Write Now! 5 October 2013 Meets the Daily Prompt: Making Friends

Dawn struggled at her new job; the other girls in the typing pool had been together it seemed for eons, while she was the new kid on the block, having just been hired a month prior. Sure, she could carry a conversation–thinly veiled gossip really–when touching up her lipstick in the washroom and sharing a paper towel with the girl at the next sink whose name she barely remembered. But when it came to being one of the gang, of being invited to makeup parties or out to dinner after work, she hadn’t reached that pinnacle yet. “Hey Dawn–want to come with?” She blinked away her reverie and noticed Nicole at her desk.

“What’s that?” she stuttered.

Nicole planted her hands on her hips. “You daydreaming again? Sheesh, you type so fast, you get time to daydream.” She looked longingly at Dawn’s “out” box. “I wish I could go as fast as you. Anyway, the girls are all going over to the museum for lunch; there’s a Michelangelo exhibit. Wanna come with?”

Dawn didn’t hesitate. “Sure!” Nicole had asked her a few times but she was so self-conscious, feeling like she just didn’t fit in. But the Michelangelo exhibit? She had read about it in the paper last week and had wanted to go. It wasn’t often that she joined her coworkers for lunch, but today she decided she would go with them. She had been there long enough to make some friends; how could she if she always said no to every invitation? She grabbed her purse and took off with Nicole.

They met up with four others in the lobby and after smiling sweetly at Joe, the doorman, they rushed out into the warm fall day. With a quick step, they walked over two big blocks and up one, grabbing a hot dog from a vendor just outside the museum. They sat, a group of office pigeons, warming in the sun and happy to be free if only for the hour. They crowded the ticket booth and pushed into the busy exhibit hall. Dawn managed to hold her own with her co-workers and felt good; as they made their way through the displays, they soon were standing at the feet of a replica of the  David statue. Dawn was enthralled and began to recite a bit of what she’d read: “Did you all know that Michelangelo was 26 years old when he tried to get the job of carving David? He worked on it for two years. The original weight six tons and it was supposed to be placed on the roof of a cathedral. In the end it took four days to move it a half-mile from Michelangelo’s studio to its place next to the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio. It got moved into a gallery in 1873 so it wouldn’t get damaged, but in 1991 a man took a hammer to it and managed to damage part of the left foot.” She looked lovingly at the statue. “Did you know that part of the statue used to be gold?” she asked no one in particular. “The base and a garland on his head–that were removed–were gold…” She trailed off as the girls looked at her with stunned expressions.

“How in the world do you know all that?” Nicole asked, incredulously.

Dawn blinked and blushed. “I study beautiful things.”

The girls all nodded knowingly and made their way back to the office. Once there, Dawn sighed as she put away her purse and got back to typing. She didn’t see the letters so much as she saw the statue of David in her mind’s eye. “–was great!” She looked up and saw Nicole, who smiled and shook her head. “You were daydreaming again, weren’t you? I timed you–that last part was about 80 words per minute. Anyway, I was just saying that the girls and I thought what you shared at the museum was great.”

“Thanks,” Dawn said quietly in hopes that they were not making fun of her; she had been made fun of for her smarts before.

“So,” Nicole patted Dawn’s out-box. “Wanna come for drinks after work? Tell us more about Michelangelo and David?”

“Sure!” Dawn replied, smiling.

Okay, okay. Maybe it was a stretch.

The bold and underlined part was today’s Write Now prompt. It struck me that it could be mixed in with the brew the Daily Post pixies served up today:

Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of art.

The story doesn’t so much as describe the feeling as the experience of seeing the stunning art. Oh well.

And if you are interested in more of the history of the statue of David, visit here.

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  1. I love it! You are very clever at combining these challenges. Also, I’ve been away for a few weeks and your entire blog has changed! I absolutely love it! Nice work 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear! Yes–I am self-hosting now 😉 It’s still a work in progress but it’s coming along nicely, if I say so myself!

      1. Wow, self-hosted! Congrats! Did you find it difficult to do? I am considering doing it very soon, but am nervous about the difficulty/costs. Your blog looks outstanding!

        1. Thank you, Jayde! The cost depends on what sort of hosting you want to do. There is always the option to upgrade your WP.com account with your own personal domain, which of course is cheaper. The benefit of self-hosting is the freedom to re-craft themes at a deeper level, the option to embed videos and such, and more plugins. If you don’t need/want all that, you may want to go for the personal domain on WP.com…

  2. Mine was also about work, but yours was much happier.
    I’ve always had trouble making friends. It takes some pulling to drag me out of my shell!

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