Daily Prompt: Must Be The Music

The pixies over at the Daily Post want those of us who have a decent amount of gray hair to be reminded of how old we just might be:

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

I used to be one of the many queens of the mixtape. I had some that were fabulous, including one (which I am proud to say I still have) that contained nothing but sound effects for my radio show, which I popped over to a cart (a thingy that looked a lot like an 8-track tape–go Google it) to play at appropriate (or inappropriate, depending on how you thought of it) moments.

When I discovered how to create playlists for my car (it has an SD card slot but it will only work with 2MB cards), I was so excited!  I could actually create mixes in the order I wanted. On a thing the size of a playing card for a doll house. Fabulous!

Then I managed to get a trial of Sirius XM, at which point I didn’t care about the order–the stations I like played all wonderful music so it didn’t matter what order they came in.

So, if you were to ride with me, be prepared to have the window down, since I don’t run the air conditioning except for extremely rare occasions. Also, be prepared to listen to jazz (like Horace Silver, Terrance Blanchard, etc.) or house music (I love Dogglounge Radio, which is streaming free online 24/7–I have a bunch of mixes downloaded that I play in the car. We also stream it through the night).

And there you have it.

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