NaNoWriMo, Day 1: Off to the Races!

Hey fellow WriMo’s! Are you writing?

If so, great! Don’t forget to validate those word counts; not sure how that works, since when I posted mine it gave me 20 fewer words than my math…Whatev’s–it was still a good number.

If not, hopefully you’ve carved out a chunk of time to get at least your daily dose of 1667 words down.

Let’s do it!

And so you can help me be accountable (ha! Ac-count-able!), I’ll post my validated word counts here. I’ll be focusing on NaNo for November, so I hope you won’t be too bored by my daily updates. Not promising I’ll get them up this early every day, but here’s to a good start! I hope to sprinkle in a coupla flash pieces so as not to lose that flow for my favorite prompt-wielding sites…

But, without further ado, here’s the official Day 1 count.

1 November validated word count: 1735

Now, off to write some more.

And before you ask “Is that cheating?” Remember: I do my writing via notebook and pencil, then type it. Also, there is no “cheating” during NaNo–we all have our own methods to the finish line.

It’s like a foot race; you might see some folk wearing running gear–aerodynamic shorts and tops, top-line running tennies–and others wearing Batman costumes.

Pass me my cape, wouldya?



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  1. Congrats on Day 1 – that’s a good word count – I managed 1893 and am fairly happy with the flow of writing today. Have posted quite a few Nano posts and like you, am planning on a daily blog update for NaNo.
    Twirling pom poms in your honour – way to go on day 1 lady! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! And congrat’s to you as well; I saw your post on your word count this morning. I am about to post about my new total as I’ve done about 1850 or so today. I am staying just slightly ahead of the daily count, which is fine by me. I’d like to get ahead now so when I hit that inevitable wall somewhere down the line I won’t fall too far back from the goal!

      1. My sentiments exactly – unfortunately I managed an over write of just 4 words yesterday as we were busy. Those 4 words are going to count somewhere!