Friday Fictioneers, 6 December 2013: As Good a Place as Any

It was as good a place as any: fortified by wood and a “no trespassing” sign that the previous owner had kindly spray-painted along the top. We hunkered behind the wrought iron upon which the ivory and tall grass had grown, taking watch according to turn; it wasn’t home, but it would have to do, particularly since the term had become relative since the War had taken everything in which we had formerly put our stock of comfort. I looked into all the hungry and sickening eyes around me that peered from the dark and wondered which would go first.

Copyright: Randy Mazie

One hundred little words for such a BIG photo.

BIG, as in: it has a lot to say.

Hi all! It’s so good to see you! I missed all my fellow Fictioneers!

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  1. A great story Andree. You paint a picture of despair, where things are not going to get better. This would make a wonderful start to a longer story.

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you so much! I’m working on a collection of flash pieces that are designed to invoke that very feeling: that there is more to the story somewhere… Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Hi Björn! Yes, it has been a while, thanks to NaNoWriMo. Glad you enjoyed the story (sort of); yes, the idea of an apocalyptic event is something that stays under my skin…

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