Daily Post: The Sound of Anxiety

“What is that?!”

“Nothing. It’s your imagination, or the sound of the inside of your head. Shut up about it, okay?”

[Pause] “Are you telling me that you can’t hear it?”


[Sigh] “Really? I mean, it’s sort of loud. In a quiet kind of way.”

“Did you hear yourself just then? ‘Sort of loud in a quiet kind of way’–you are becoming irrational”

“Irrational?! Who?!? This whole situation is irrational! How long are we supposed to stay here? How will they know we are here since you said we are like two miles under ground?”

“Our beacons can be tracked.”

“How do you know the beacons are working?”

[Pulls up flashing device] “See; it’s blinking.”

“So? How do you know that the signal is being received?”

“Because this shows it’s working.”

“But just because it’s blinking on our end doesn’t mean Control can see it, or hear it, or pick it up, or whatever.”

[Silence] “Just shut up, yeah?”

I think there are few things that are as anxiety-causing as being trapped somewhere. These two characters are underground, which has multiple levels of creepiness. It could be said that the silence of an underground location is the issue.

Or the issue could be the noise and constant chatter of an anxious colleague.

Take your pick.

It’s not my fault that your Monday has started with a creepy tale. Blame it on the pixies over at the Daily Post:

Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (We’ll let you interpret this in different ways…)

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