Daily Prompt: All I Want

The pixies over at the Daily Post wanted to know

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it.

I am sure that there were a zillion things I wanted as a child, but now that I’m old I can’t really remember. Obviously the whatsit became less important over time.

But I can remember how I was as a child.

Headstrong. Obstinate. It was nothing personal to anyone, but when you grow up having much freedom it can be hard to start following instructions and going with the flow, as it were. I struggled with moving from having the world as my classroom to sitting at a grimy wooden desk.

But I digress.

I remember once folding so many corners of the Sears toy catalogue at Christmas time that the book had become twice as fat. There was some sort of major meltdown on Christmas day when very few of the indicated items appeared under the tree. What the items were is anyone’s guess; it was a pile of toys that were not in my possession and that was all that mattered.

Now, what matters is love, life, beauty. Blue skies, warm breezes, a cool iced tea on a hot day.

And most of those things are easy to come by if we just open our hearts and eyes.

Much easier than whatever that unobtainable toy on Christmas ever was.

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