Friday Fictioneers, 13 December 2013: Boots Made For

The water looked so cool, inviting. It beckoned me closer. “Come and see,” it said. I slipped my work boots off and felt the rough planks beneath my bare toes, which was comforting somehow. The boots were made for being in a field, for walking behind a plow and mule; it would be blasphemous to the water to step in with the boots on. I looked at my feet and they were dry and cracked like winter. “I will make them young again,” the water said. I decided to find out if the water was truly a place of salvation.

Copyright: Adam Ikes

My Christopher and I often talk about how creepy it is to see one shoe on the side of the road; two abandoned shoes are not much better. Pop on over to Friday Fictioneers by clicking below to add your thoughts:


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  1. Going to find salvation or that the water has the tongue of a liar. Could go either way. My dark mind leans toward the latter, but that has always been my natural tendency so it’s just as likely that I’m wrong.

  2. Hello Andree,long time no see-how are you?Loved this piece and am only hoping that there is nothing waiting in the water to grab the narrator ,hee!hee!

    1. Hello my friend!! So good to see you! I hope you are doing well and that you will have an opportunity to give your feedback on some of my other pieces. I am posting my November NaNoWriMo stories in serialized form at JukePop. I posted about it a couple days back.

      1. Will try to come by in Jan-this month am very rushed as I am leaving for my school reunion in a couple of days:-)Am good,thks,hope you are doing fine too,tc

    1. Hi Liz! Welcome to FF–this is a great place and Rochelle keeps us on our toes each week for sure. Be sure to thank her for each and every image 🙂

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