Daily Prompt: Heroine

Okay, my secret is out.

I am a dog heroine.

The pixies at the Daily Post found me and have asked me to share the following:

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Have you seen the documentary One Nation Under Dog? If you haven’t I highly recommend it. Be warned because parts of it will make you cry.

But it wasn’t just the documentary that made me a dog heroine.

I’ve loved dogs since I was a kid. Here’s two examples:

My first pup at about four months old. His name was Zerk and he was a full German Shepherd. I still miss him.
After Zerk there was Prince (that’s him as a teeny pup in my arms, on the left), who was a Shepherd-Collie Mix. I miss him too.

I pined for a dog even in my first marriage. I had a little change in my pocket and was kinda dumb; convinced my son’s dad/my first husband to buy this dog from the animal store in the mall. It was the only time I was not so much a dog heroine.

This is a reasonable facsimile of the Keeshond we had. Just like this one, looked sweet but was certainly puppy-mill bred; he was a nightmare. My son’s dad took him out one day and he got hit by a car. He didn’t get license plates, so there was nothing we could do.

My son’s dad insisted we go to the North Shore Animal League to adopt another dog immediately, despite my protestations. We got a little mixed pup, a very nice little girl. I have no photos of her. We ended up giving her away because our home was just not suited for animal friends. I put down my heroine-self for a while.

But I never stopped pining.

Fast forward to a couple years ago, my Christopher said I should get a dog. And so we went to our local shelter and that is how Pi came into our lives.

Pi, the love of my life when he was just a pup.


So then there was the issue of Pi being lonely. Which meant we had to find a friend for him. And that’s how Sputnik got rescued.

Sputnik as a baby–was she not totes adorbs?

And then Pi got sick. We knew it was most likely a matter of time. Sputnik, as cute as she might be, is a nervous nelly; she would never be able to stand being alone. And that’s how we got Woola.

San Bernardino-20130917-00282
Now that’s totes adorbs!! Woola had the cone of shame after being neutered, but it didn’t work as well as the donut of shame…he was about 9 pounds and just over a month old here.

And now Pi is gone. I don’t feel much like a heroine, but am thankful to have Sputnik and Woola here. While our lair is pretty fabulous with two rescue dogs, we are definitely better humans for having known a time with three.

Pi, Woola, and Sputnik together. This was about a week before Pi left us. We all miss him but I think Sputnik misses him the most.
Pi, Woola, and Sputnik together. This was about a week before Pi left us. We all miss him but I think Sputnik misses him the most.
Woola is now almost 40 pounds and is five months old. Handsome, isn’t he?
Sputnik is mommy’s little vulture-face. She’s about two years old now and is only 12 pounds heavier than her little bro!

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