Inspiration Monday, 16 December 2013: The Glitch

“I’ve had a crash again,” the Glitch wailed. She hated crashing, as that was not her intent when she wandered into the alleys of the Information Superhighway.

Say no more,” the officer grumbled. He hated her kind and wished they could be eliminated. But there was something about this one that caught him sideways. The sound he made was similar to a whistle sent between the teeth. “What are you doing here? Don’t you know what I could do to you? I could have you destroyed! A young one like you would never survive.”

She pulled up her sleeve, showing a history in scars. “You think I wouldn’t survive? I’ve been caught before and there’s worse things you could do to me than send me for destruction.” She lowered her voice. “The others have.”

He sighed. There were bigger and more terrible criminals surfing the IS. “Go on; get outta here.” He looked at her and saw his own daughter who had been lost to him in the IS long ago. “Don’t let me see you again!” They parted ways and he wondered if he’d made the right choice this time.

If I computer glitch were a person, what would her life be like? How would a security (program) officer feel about having a daughter who ran away and chose to live as a glitch? What abuses might occur? I offer this take for this week’s Inspiration Monday. Click below to add your take.


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