Friday Fictioneers, 27 December 2013: Don’t Land, Pt. 2

“I’m getting a signal from an incoming ship!” Rosa announced; her grandmother had been first office officer on the ship that had brought their people to Hexis. Rosa had learned everything about communications and had spent her youth building a device that would alert them if ever a ship came.

The leaders were alerted and the children of the engineers, who had studied with the elders just as Rosa had, went to start up the defense systems. “If they don’t see the captain’s message, you know what to do,” Matt, engineering liaison to the communications team announced. And they waited.

Copyright: Douglas M MacIlroy

This is a 100-word fast-forward continuation of the piece I did for today’s Daily Prompt (find it here). Click below to pop over to FF and add yours!


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  1. ah you leave us hanging in the air here… love it… love that you leave space for us to spin this on… i do hope they can communicate peacefully…

  2. Such things may become a reality for future space colonies. People building things from scratch and hoping that incoming signal doesn’t mean something bad. Well done!

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