Daily Prompt: Nouveau Moi est Old Me

So today’s post was going to be a pass; I came online this morning and noticed that all the DNS servers were down at my we host. I went and took care of some errands, had a bit of lunch, and decided to watch Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. What better distraction from writing, yeah?

But the whispers of those darned Daily Post pixies kept whispering to me:

Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year. Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? You can choose to by anyone, alive today or someone gone long ago. If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

First off, I of course hope to be a better me than I was in 2013. I want a better outlook, better prospects, better health, and all that.

But I don’t want to do it as anyone other than myself.

Sure, it would be great to be taller or thinner or speak 17 languages fluently. But this flawed, clumsy, brash woman is who the Lord made me to be.

And I will not question Him on that decision, thank you muchly.

And there you have it.

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    1. Awwww, thank you, Becki! Your gift is emerging with each and every word, emotion, and experience you share with us! Thank you for opening your heart (and your blog!) to us!

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