Daily Prompt: The Curse of Magic

I blinked as if I was waking from a deep sleep. I looked at my hands, which were sparkling. Everything I touched was changed. Horrified, I put my hand on my wallet; it was suddenly filled with cash. I looked about me and saw the man. He had a distinct look that made me shiver. I went to him; “Take this from me.”

The man looked shocked. “How did you know I had given it to you?”

“It’s magic, right? It allowed me to see things no living person should see. It told me that you were the one. Now, take it from me, devil.”

His face took on the sinister visage I had felt was there. “Don’t you realize that with this gift you can rule the world?”

“And who said it was my job to rule the world? I never wanted that nor do I believe I or any person should rule the world. Now, take. it. back. If you don’t you will be sorry.”

“And what do you think you can do to me?” He smiled, confident in his power.

I looked deeply into his eyes and took a step toward him. His smile faltered. “What’s wrong? Are you worried? You should be. I don’t actually need you to remove anything from me. I know Someone with more power and authority than you could ever have.”

His voice changed to a sickening gargle and he threw up both hands, which had suddenly turned to claws. “Don’t! Don’t say it! I’ll take it away–just let me go!”

I took another step. “Too late for that. I call on the Name above all other Names. I call on the Name of the Son of Man, the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.” His face crumpled and his flesh began to smoke. “I bind every evil that you tried to do against me, as well as any evil you planned for any person. Now, I send you back to the pit of Hell. Bother people no more! Be gone!”

With an atmosphere-changing pop and the smell of sulfur the man–or whatever it was in its natural form–vanished. I looked at my hands and noticed that they had stopped sparkling. The cash that had appeared in my wallet was gone; I saw ash blowing away from it and disappearing. Soon there was nothing but the $10.37 I had when I had set out that morning.

When I was a kid I thought magic was cool: I had one of those boards that allegedly connected the users to people who had already found their way to the Beyond; I had at least one very swank set of tarot cards. But then I got freaked out by it; nothing in particular had happened, mind you and for that I am forever grateful. I believe it was just a move of the Spirit within me that was actually poking me, working to get my real eyes to open. My Christopher once said something to me that summed up such activities: “illegal entry into the spirit realm.” When we mess around with things that may offer the potential to connect with the world that we cannot see, we are making attempts at illegal entry. And sometimes we open a way for whatever is on the other side of that entry point to come here, just as we went there. I’m not trying to do that, particularly after reading the Bible and getting a shadowy idea of what the not-so-nice creatures from there might be like.

Magic isn’t for me. I’ll stick with writing about a bit of speculative fiction, even horror, but I don’t want the “gift” the pixies over at the Daily Post are offering today. Love you, but nah.

And there you have it.

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  1. Oh, I’m so sad I missed this daily prompt…
    I, of course, would have taken the opposite approach. Bring on the magic! I’ll use it for good… mostly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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