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WIP Update: Why Ghouls Make Great Detectives

You may have read my post from earlier this week about Detectives.

If not, click the link above and check it out. Don’t worry–I’ll wait.

Now, where were we?

Oh, yes! Works-in-progress!

I have a couple WIP running just now. One includes Detectives. In this particular universe, the humanoids include a race of beings that are suggestive of ghouls: they have crazy-sharp teeth, prefer to hang out in dark places, and have an odor that would make a garbage dump get up and move to the next town. Members of this race typically go into service as Detectives; their sense of smell is extraordinary and they are willing to go to ehem…interesting lengths to collect evidence.

I was reading a forum post about fantasy/science fiction characters; here is a list of the typical ones we find in these genres and their related crossovers:

  • Wizards
  • Dragons
  • Princes/Princesses
  • Kings
  • Vampires
  • Elves
  • Dwarves

Werewolves and witches were left out, but I certainly add them to the mix. Notice anything?

Yep–you guessed it. Ghouls were not picked for the team, and that’s just not right.

This work in progress is designed to bring these unusual and oft-ignored creatures to the top of the list.

Stay tuned.


Huge up’s to Aquascale at DeviantArt for this great image! I might have to write vulture-like creatures in now, just because.



  1. Lyn October 4, 2014 1:29 am

    Having read your Scribe’s Cave story, I think it would take someone with an extremely strong stomach to be able to work with the Detectives 😮

    • AR Neal October 4, 2014 6:56 am

      🙂 I envision that it would be like it is with the “undesirables” in a society. People are creeped out being around them but tolerate them because of various reasons: faith practice, usefulness of the undesirables, whatever. Certainly not easy to get used to, but possible! I once visited a small petting zoo that had two condors on display–I think I wrote a blog post about it a long time ago. Anyway, the smell and appearance of those birds is something I won’t ever forget. I thought of the people who took it for granted to work with and around the condors and imagined what that would be like. I see the Detectives like that.

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