We Interrupt this #WIP

Aarrgh! My brain hurts from too many ideas! Image: Charles Schultz

The problem with having an active imagination is that, at any given moment, a story idea pops in.

I was washing dishes earlier today and Whap! smacked with a story idea. Fortunately for me, no one was near, so I was able to mumble to myself over the suds so as not to lose the concept.

My ehem, current work in progress is now on hold, in favor of this new idea.

Thank goodness I think it’s the start of a fabulous new urban fantasy journey.

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  1. I’m seriously trying not to do that. I’ve got a file on my computer that I add ideas to. They will all be attacked in due course 😀

    1. There are times when the new ideas are so pressing — like they won’t let me sleep, even when I try to go back to the original idea. Plus, if there is a timely element, I do stop and jump on the new rabbit trail 😉