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Camp Transformation: It’s Really Been Six Weeks!

Yesterday was the last day of the six-week challenge at the gym.

I mentioned that I had joined The Camp Transformation Center for this 20lb challenge about seven weeks ago and I am proud to say I made my goal: 20lb plus a couple oz (I was so glad to hear the words ‘You did it’ that I was too flustered to get the details).

20160527_084104 (2)

I did my last workout as a challenge member, promptly signed up as a regular member, and now will be able to go for a year (I can go longer of course, but we get a special deal after being a challenge member). I am taking Monday off (I worked out each day, Monday through Friday) but will be back at it on Tuesday morning. I am hoping to cheer for my brothers and sisters who complete their weigh-ins either today or Monday.

The ride home from the gym was a different matter.

I made it about 10 miles and then the tears began. I actually did it. Going to the gym might not seem like a big deal to some and completing such a challenge might not, either. However, with the things that have gone on in my life for the past few years (many of which I have written, both overtly and covertly about since I started blogging), this was a major gigantic deal.

I would like to say I got my doctorate for myself, but that’s not completely true. I wanted my family to be proud of me and as I often say, God made me do it since I didn’t want to go back to school. It’s been a great ride and ultimately led me to what I wanted to do with my career. I’m not totally there yet but am much closer than I ever could have been without it.

This gym thing? Totally mine. I did it to get stronger, to tone up, and to drop the weight because I want to stick around for a while. I want to be that old lady that people like because she’s quirky and really old but who they are a bit unsure about … because she’s quirky and really old.

The last few weeks have been a bit weird as I started considering my future. I tend to be a dreamer and don’t immediately anticipate the worst from the universe, but every now and again, I get thrown a curve ball. I dodged getting hit by one but it still stung when I caught it. A couple of my close-to-the-heart peeps know what I mean and I’ll leave it there. However, the Cave Mistress is not one to be down and out, so trust me when I say it is well. And will continue to be so.

I am enjoying a few of my favorite foods this weekend, particularly since that enjoyment comes through new knowledge and expectations. Before I got home, I bought a single serving ‘all natural’ lemonade. It had pulp and everything, so it had to be good, right?


It was so sweet (and yes, I read the label and saw how many metric tonnes of sugar was in it. Don’t judge) and gave me a headache that lasted most of the day.

Lesson learned, see?

I look forward to joining my new gym family at the beach in July and for the first time welcome shopping for a swimsuit. Got a good bit more toning to do before then though, so come Tuesday, it’s on.

What have you done for yourself lately? If the answer is ‘nothing’, you better get started. Life is hard enough and doesn’t last forever.


One Comment

  1. Lyn June 1, 2016 3:27 am

    You look absolutely marvelous, Andree!!! At least 10 years younger.
    Sadly, in answer to your question, What have you done for yourself lately? I have to answer “nothing.” 🙁

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