#OperationFindTheGarage Photos

I made an executive decision: the project, she is finito. Done. Ended.

I originally had in mind this plan to park an actual car in the garage, but after further consideration decided this was not an appropriate goal. After all, I have books! Sound stuff! A stand-up freezer! A cat! Who needs a car added to that muck? At some point as I add to my fleet (currently the fleet contains two vehicles — gotta start somewhere, right?), I will have room for that three-wheeled motorcycle in there.

Two wheels give me agita if I am solely responsible for keeping them (and myself) upright. It’s a balance thing … but I digress.

I indicated that I would post photos of #OperationFindTheGarage and here they are for your nausea entertainment:

The nightmare that was the near-beginning of the adventure …


It was organized chaos, I tell you! I knew where everything was in there. Sort of. Well, maybe not everything …


Note that blue recycle can — it’s full. Because this photo was taken AFTER some cleaning. Yeah, it was like that.


Posted this on Facebook a month or so ago as an interesting book interlude … It was necessary to make new piles whilst dismantling the old piles. That’s how I roll.


A corner space almost dug out … I was especially excited to find the jug o’ CLR.


Before the stacks and piles of stuff vanished, they landed on an art table. These piles included books, albums, CDs, stationery, and photos that were being saved.


And after the piles, stacks, and art table were removed …


Before the shelves were cleaned. Yes, sound equipment, books, and a cat. Fabulous, right?


Aaand … afterward!


So the top of that lateral file could use a bit more help. I’m working on it. Or I will work on it. Or something. It is really organized chaos now because I can actually get at what’s on there without causing an avalanche.


I can walk between the garage door and the shelves without having to climb. Huzzah!

And there you have it. I can move about, find stuff, and enjoy this extra room in my home.

Life is good.