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Hey, Lady — Need Some Relief?

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the company to offer an unbiased review after trying this product.

Menopause Relief Herbal Supplement For Hot Flashes, Mood Swings & Libido - Natural Horomone Balance Estrogen Pills - DIM, Black Cohosh & Vitamin D, E, B Passion Flower & Red Clover - Feminine Therapy

A great natural product! Click on the image to visit the Amazon page.

I went to the doctor for my annual check-up several months ago. I was terrified that something was terribly wrong. I had body aches and all sorts of discomforts. In as kindly a manner possible, the young man tells me I am in pre-menopause and proceeds to share what I am in for.


I mention that I do not want to take prescription medication and asked for natural alternatives. He recommended something from the local health store, so I drove over afterwards. The choices were not overwhelming but the prices were. I found one that seemed okay and that I could afford.

It didn’t help.

I tried others and felt like I had opened my window and tossed cash out.

As noted in the disclaimer, I was contacted by the company to give this product a try. Intimate Rose is a company that offers several products for women, including Kegel weights, probiotics, and personal lubricant. They are focused on health and wellness (and happiness too!) for women, which I appreciate. While I am not sure how they found me, I believe in divine appointments — the message I received from Melissa included the opt-out: if I wasn’t in menopause, might I know someone who was and who wouldn’t be afraid to write about the intimate side of women’s health.

Melissa needed to look no further than her inbox.

I will write about anything but am certainly all about giving my unbiased opinion when solicited to do so about something that affects me as well.

She suggested I give it a go for about a week to see how I felt. Having tossed my cash monies out and into the ether on those other products, I shrugged and went for it, figuring the worst to happen would be that I got no satisfaction (cue The Rolling Stones …). Or that I grew a second head (because fiction writer, right?).

Fortunately for me, I am pleased to report I am still uni-headed and as a bonus, am feeling relief from symptoms. I’ve been taking Ever Bloom for exactly one week today and by day two or three, I was sleeping better. Before that, I would get this sensation at various times during the night that felt as though I’d fallen asleep in the oven. Or the broiler. Adding Ever Bloom daily has reduced that feeling and I am hopeful if I keep it in my regimen that I will eliminate the oven feeling all together.

As you know, it takes time for the body to build up its resistance or to acclimate to new intake. Ever Bloom is a natural supplement with Black Cohosh; Vitamins D, E, and B; Passion Flower; Red Clover; Di-Indolyl Methane (DIM); and BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract), so there are no side effects to worry about. I added it to my other supplements but noticed it has no flavor or odor, making the capsules easier to take.

The regular price point is within range of the other supplements I have seen and tried but right now, Amazon is running it on sale (click the photo at the start of the post to visit the page and grab the deal while you can!).

If I were the ABC Channel 7 Six Second Movie Critic, I’d say simply — I’m in! If I were Siskel and Ebert, I’d give it two thumb’s up.

But I am just me: A lady with a basic and common health-related thing who was looking for a lil help that did not involve better living by chemicals.

Just a lil help?

And I am happy to say that I got it.


  1. Lyn September 17, 2017 12:32 am

    You mean you don’t enjoy your nightly mini tropical vacations? I’m so glad you’re finding relief and I hope it continues and even increases as it get further into your system. I have to admit, I never went through it, and as I’m about to trip over the line to my 70th year, I’m pretty sure, “Thank you Abba Father,” I’ve been spared.

    • AR Neal September 18, 2017 8:27 am

      Ha! Living in the southwest, where most days entail a mini tropical vacation, is more than enough for me. I wish I could get rid of the aches and pains a bit quicker though! And you are most abundantly blessed to not have experienced any of this!

      • Lyn September 18, 2017 2:02 pm

        I know…absolutely blessed. I hear you about the aches and pains though 🙁

        • AR Neal September 19, 2017 7:40 am

          Our weather is changing; going into fall proper now. It’s cooler at night and tends to be cool and moist in the mornings. With the lost mobility in my left knee and a bad Achilles tendon on that side as well, it can be torturous some days. I went through some of this last year at the same time. I need to push through, get back to walking. Last year, I stopped exercising for about a month and felt so much better. Looks like that may be the trend. A branch of my gym is opening at the end of this year/beginning of next so it will be easier to get there in the mornings. I do miss my nature walks though. I am concerned about our local woodland creatures being out and about while it is dark at the time I like to go, so there’s that …

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