NaNoWriMo 2017, Day 8: You Got Me Hanging On a String

Exactly what it’s like, living with Madam Muse.

She keeps me hanging on a string, like I am her plaything.

I could feel her, leaning over and breathing in my ear, wanting me to abandon all my other plans today to attend to her needs.

Unfortunately, today was not a day I could give in. I had several large academic documents to review, meetings to attend, and discussion questions to grade. I missed a meeting because I had no idea what time it was in the next state over … they don’t change time but we do and I didn’t realign my calendar reminder to their time zone. Ugh.

As it is now the time I usually shut down my computer for the night and go write something, I have decided to cut today’s string: I am not in the mindset to write. Think on writing, maybe. More like I will tidy the kitchen, prepare some things I’d like to cook over the next day or so, and have a nightcap.

More writing to do on another day, God willing. Madam Muse will just have to be satisfied.

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