Hey there!

This is one of those awkward moments of introduction, right? Okay, here goes. I use the moniker AR Neal, which is short for my whole name; I hyphenate because I've been married twice and my son has the first husband's last name.In case anyone is reading this and is remotely interested, I am a woman; check around the site and you'll find photos of me ...So I've had another one of my famous epiphanies.I am an activist, or should I say I am on my way to being an activist. I now realize the heroes of my life--my nana, my dad, Jesus, Angela Davis, Dr. King Jr., Malcolm X, my former husband, our pets, Gandhi, and a host of others who have crossed my path as bright and shining lights for only a moment -- have lived their lives (and in some cases, given them) for causes worthy of our attention. While I am under no illusions that I fit into the same class or category as any of those mentioned above, I pray to be able to appreciate their perseverance, resolve, resilience, and vulnerability (thank you, Brene' Brown!) and have some of those qualities attributed to me one day.Welcome to a place for my thoughts, comments, rants, and ravings that don't fit with the other random musings I post on blogs for my family and such.Confused? You should be.