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The Daily Post: After Burn...

Yeah, so it's almost tomorrow and I'm just getting to the computer. So what (sticks out tongue); is it my fault that my morning was consumed with conversation and drinking the most wonderful chai latte ever? Anyway...Yesterday's Daily Post had us respond with the five things we would take if our house burned down. Today, we are to indicate the things we would have loved to grab but had to leave behind. Here are mine, in no particular order:

  • Quite a few books. while I have a veritable library, there are some that would get stuffed into pants-legs, bags, socks, and the back of my husband's shirt and others...well...I would have to sacrifice. I loved you all once and after we move out of the hotel and get into a new house, maybe I'll find you again in the used book store, or at minimum, on Kindle.
  • Clothes, duh! As one of my fellow writers mentioned that he would take a bag of clothes. In my haste to grab all things electronic, I neglected to consider clothing. So I guess a bunch of it would get toasted.
  • Kitchen stuff. I have enjoyed collecting a variety of mugs and things over the years. As I think more about living in a more minimalist way, I realize I wouldn't have thought twice about that sort of stuff.

There are so many other things that truly I imagine myself getting burned to save, like my dad's Saba radio:Yeah. It's a tough thing...

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