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Saturday Centus, Week 145: New Frontier

If you haven't taken a peek at the wonderful prompts over on Jenny Matlock's page, you should. This weekend's Saturday Centus asks us to ponder what happens to Puxsatawney Phil when he retires. If you've lived somewhere and don't know about the yearly tradition of checking whether the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2 to predict whether we should expect more winter or a soon-to-be summer, you may want to go Google Puxsatawney real quick. As per Centus rules, this little ditty is 100 words long and I've titled it "New Frontier:"

He opened the mailbox and after adjusting his spectacles to make sure he’d read the return address properly, he smiled: it was the communication he’d been awaiting from the Social Security Administration; without opening it, he felt it was good news. He threw away the rest of the trash that had come that day and went deeply into the house, as if opening the Social Security envelope in the light would extend his sentence. A deep breath, and he tore it open; the letter inside confirmed that there would be no extension this time, that he would forever be free.

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