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Daily Prompt: Who Calls?

Today's Daily Prompt asks:

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

With mouth closed tight she grips its rounded black edges lovingly, her fingers gliding across the screen with ease. There is no need to speak; the touchscreen dances at her touch, sending thoughts, sentiments, and information across the globe in an instant. At midnight, it turns to a silent sentinel: at dawn's breaking, it and she awake to begin their daily waltz anew.Yeah, you guessed it. My Blackberry and I are attached at the, well, fingers. Okay, sometimes at the hip pocket but rarely in a back one. I once had a PDA which I thought was the greatest thing e.v.e.r., but it quickly lost its place as first in my heart--um, hand--when I discovered Blackberry. I am no fan of i-Anythings and prefer to go with what is now considered something of an underdog. However, my BB touchscreen works for me. A confession: the photo inspiration for the story I wrote last month was taken with my filtered BB. I do a bit of talking on it, since it is also a telephone, but spend more time using it to keep track of email. And the occasional blog reply. I await the BB10 with anticipation, as do all other BB nerds :)

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