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Irresistable Shares: Contagion, or the Disease that is Blogging

My television viewing seemed bereft of choices this evening, so I went through the channels and stopped at "Contagion" again. If you haven't seen it, this film basically tells of how a deadly illness can spread around the world. One of the greatest quotes came near the beginning:

Blogging is not writing. It's just graffiti with punctuation.

The line caught me as funny (not hysterical, tear-causing sort of funny but smile with an under-breath chuckle sort of funny); I would attributed it less to the line itself and more to its deliverer: Elliott Gould. Go see the movie and listen to him say it; also, the blogger in question to whom he was speaking was Jude Law. But I digress.I am grateful to Dave Winer and those who followed him. Without them and the fine folks who developed sites like Wordpress, I would not have this space to share all sorts of things with the world. I would not have a place to put up bits of my fiction; I would be relegated to publishing houses and such that might not even consider making public a single sentence I developed.I am sure there are plenty of real folks out there who think blogging is nothing more than "graffiti with punctuation," but as those who blog or at least read blogs, what do you think?

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