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Daily Prompt: All Over Again

I posted yesterday about how my son got his name; I mentioned that when he was born he looked exactly like my dad, who'd been killed in a car accident while I was pregnant. Since I posted that already, no need to write a fictional piece about it; besides, real life couldn't be trumped in this case.Then I thought about a piece, perhaps involving a house pet who is annoyingly familiar. In the end I decided that had already been overdone.So here's where I finally landed.

I was tired. To quote John Coffey, I was "dog tired." For far too long I had sat at the same desk, doing the same things. The location had changed, but the job was the same. I was winding down and like an old wind-up clock, my time was running out. Two springs ago was when I'd realized I was at the end of my rope; I'd had enough and made it public. I was pushed, like so much paper, to another desk, but it was the same thing in a new corner of the cubicle farm. I did my job, sure, but my heart just wasn't in it anymore.And then the contract came. The last contract; the non-renewable contract. Along with it came the platitudes: we truly appreciate you and love your work, ol' chum; of course between now and the end date of this contract there will be plenty of positions open. We encourage you to apply, we sure do, because we want to keep you around, don't we, pal? But, um, we'll also give you room to, eh, you know, look for something else, um, er, somewhere else.I do like it here but I need to grow, to stretch my wings, to use more of the skills I have, you know? I don't want to stay in the box they've built for me. I applied, sure I did, only to get the "thanks but no thanks" letters time and again. So while I'm not trying to give up on a dream, I started looking at other places, other cubicle farms, see? I brushed the dust off the ol' resume and put myself out there, like a shiny used car on the lawn.Guess what? I got the call yesterday. The interview is in three days. Guess I better get the suit to the one-day cleaners.

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