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100WCGU, Week 77: Let Me Count the Ways

Ah, so this week is home to, among other things, Valentine's Day. This 100-word bit is in honor of the day on which both Jimmy Hoffa and Gregory Hines were born (not in the same year, of course), and the day on which Al Capone ordered a dust-off of Bugs Moran in Chicago. I call it "Let Me Count the Ways" and I offer it for this week's 100 Word Challege for Grown Ups.

Petrova and Dmitry were madly in love. They’d met in a bar many years ago, having been sent by rival bosses: one glance and their separate lives were over. They completed their individual missions and became a team. Now, as always, they held hands as they ran swiftly from the scene of the crime. Turning a corner they slowed to a quick stroll, looking like nothing more than two lovers. Behind them, a deep thud of an explosion, then sirens. Ducking off the street, Dmitry squeezed her, “Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot!” he said, handing her a Valentine gift.

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