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Irresistable Shares: Calming Cap

So I was checking out calming aids for our two rescue dogs. I buy stuff from the local pet emporium, but it never seems to work as good as the stuff I order online. I had found this one product that came from South Africa; worked like a charm, depleted my pocket just as quickly. I would love to keep a regular regimen of the stuff but it's just too darned expensive for me to maintain (now...I know my ship is coming in, soon). As I perused the electronic isles, I came across this:

* Helps ease dog anxiety by reducing stressful visual stimuli
* Lets dogs see well enough to confidently navigate surroundings
* Ideal for dogs that display excessive barking, separation anxiety, or for fearful dogs

The Calming Cap is a great way to ease your dog's anxiety in high-stress situations. The cap fits snugly on your pet's head, filtering his vision and thereby reducing the visual stimuli that make him agitated. The Cap helps him remain comfortable and confident. Calming Cap features a single-panel sheer fabric window, which offers your dog enough vision to confidently navigate surroundings while reducing the provoking stimulus. Soft fabric and elastic fit provides maximum comfort. Two Velcro® strips wrap around the collar allowing for easy on/off use.

And if the description doesn't do it for you, maybe the photo will help:Are you laughing yet?

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