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Trifecta Week Sixty-Four: Let the Sunshine In

The weather outside is frightful...Oh, sorry. It's been chilly and rainy here, but I am thankful not to live in Connecticut or any of the areas in the Northeast that were hit with snow; I've had enough issues just looking at the snow on the distant peaks near our house. Selfish, yes? Hey, waddya want from me? That's why I moved to Southern California in the first place; in fact, I feel somewhat cheated since no one told me it even snowed anywhere near here. And no, I didn't notice the signs to Big Bear when we first moved. Harumph.Anyway, I digress. It's time for Trifecta! I skimped on the Trifextra this week and am back with...something. I was going to say a vengeance, but that's not quite right for a Monday. Monday vengeance should be something like this:Not very vengeance-like, is it?Well, anyway. The prompt this week is

: to remain for a time
a: to live as a residentb:existlie
Now, on to my submission, finally.
Katerina sat in the middle of the floor, blood dripping from the ends of her nails. She turned her hands, first palms-up and then palms-down, slowly; as the blood congealed, it stopped dripping but instead ran from one side of her hands to the other and eventually dried completely, coating her with red gloves. Viktor was dead this time, for sure; his crumpled body lay mixed in with the sheets as silence answered her labored breathing. She turned slowly and saw his hand hanging from the side of the bed. There wasn't much of him left intact. A smile crept across her scarred face as the first rays of sun attempted to enter the room. When the sun finally reached her she didn't scream, instead choosing to dwell on the look of utter terror on Viktor's face as she tore into him. She melted away with the satisfaction of knowing that for the first time in three centuries,  Viktor would never torture her again.

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