The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy.

Daily Prompt: Really? You Ask This, Today?!

Oh; sorry. I jumped to conclusions there. When I read the title of today's Daily Prompt, "All About Me," my first reaction was panic: How could they know?! How could they have found out that today is my birthday? Yes, dear one, it is true. I share this day with Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Josh Brolin, Arsenio Hall, Michael McDonald, Lorne Green, Michael Ironside, and Joe Garagiola (to name a few). It's also Fat Tuesday, Darwin Day, and Extraterrestrial Visitor Day, all of which is much more interesting than anything I could come up with about myself. However, since the good folks at the Daily Post are demanding me to

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I guess I could take a couple lines to say something about me, er, my blog. This little corner of the universe is called "One Starving Activist" and I named it that because at the time of its birth, I was in a pretty dark place in a number of areas of my life. I was feeling stagnant. I had stopped writing for the most part (I had started back a little by keeping a prayer journal). Life, in general, was making me feel like this, alot:

Irresistable Shares: Saturday Self-Portraits

One can get very weary, going around like that. So, since I believe in action, I decided to start writing. I needed to get things out of my skull so they could annoy others. The idea behind the name is to be hungry for action.

Now, by writing each day, I have met some other wonderful writers in the blogntezphere who have once again ignited my desire to publish some fiction writing. I hope this will be the start of more of this:

And less of this: 

Write Now! Prompt for 12 February 2013: Haze

Irresistable Shares: Calming Cap