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Limping Devil Press: A Prompt About Places

Places, places, places...Limping Devil Press provided this prompt:

In this week’s writing prompt, place takes center stage. To bring forward place in this, and perhaps future writing, make a list of at least 8 place you have lived. For each place identified and written down, associate a noun with it. For example:1. New York – Jack Kerouac.Next, provide that place and its associate with a sentence, like so:1. New York – Jack Kerouac: I arrived in New York with the belief that I missed Jack Kerouac by about five minutes.

Here goes my list:

  1. Cape May County, NJ-sand: The sand of Cape May County beaches is forever a part of me.
  2. New Brunswick, NJ-music: A DJ saved my life; the music in New Brunswick was an elixir to my soul.
  3. South River, NJ-tears: I cried many tears secretly in South River.
  4. Dover, DE-highway: The highway to and from work was long when I lived in Dover.
  5. Chester, PA-grit: Work and life were filled with grit during all my days in Chester.
  6. Carneys Point, NJ-freedom: I found freedom when I moved to Carneys Point.
  7. Salem, NJ-history: The settlement of Salem is older than Philadelphia; its houses are an integral part of US history.
  8. San Bernardino, CA-home: I had to go all the way across the country to San Bernardino to find home.

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