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Friday Fictioneers, 15 February 2013: History Revealed

There's nothing like getting your brain wrapped around a great photo. Friday Fictioneers is great for that! Here's this week's image:My 100-word gem added to the crown that is Rochelle's Linky this week is called "History Revealed:"

As you walk through the esplanade, be sure to stop and review the display. Their placement is a historical mystery; archeologists surmise that they were frozen in time in the late 21st century, during the Last Great War. They were discovered 50 years ago in the middle of this historically-accurate city replica and have been referred to as modern versions of the Tollond Man and other bog people. Thanks to our technology, you can safely stand by and take a photo to show your relatives back home. See how they appear so life-like? Right, next on the tour: gift shop.  

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