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Saturday Centus, Week 147: Pupa

Jenny Matlock says she's going through some things. Let's keep her in our thoughts and prayers, shall we? In the midst of the whatsit that is her life, she posted this prompt for the week's Saturday Centus:


I decided to offer this 105-word piece, called "Pupa:" Over the years, Marigold had let herself go. She could no longer find a scale on which to weigh herself and so did not. She had learned to sew as a child and made her own fashionable clothing. She had long ago been a gymnast and while the uneven bars were a thing of the past, she was still remarkably light on her feet. She of course knew that Suzanna and the other girls made fun of her, but tonight, she would surprise them. As she took her last bite of cake, she announced, “I’ve officially reached critical mass,” and emerged from her skin cocoon.

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