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VisDare 8: Very Superstitious

I love the photo this week from VisDare and while I have not attempted to use the prompts to continue a previous tale, I might have to start...However, this is not the week because (as usual) this photo took me in a new direction. I call this 150-word piece "Very Superstitious," an ode to the great Mr. Steveland Morris.

Belfry bats and sharp bowling balls aside*, Annisa was odd. Evelyn loved her, but even she struggled to keep up with her friend’s latest phobias, quirks, and fears. To say Annisa was strangely fearful was a blatant understatement; her daily rituals and mantras designed to ward off evil spirits were legendary. The girl couldn’t make it from her apartment to the subway entrance without watching for and avoiding anything that even remotely looked like a crack**. The snow made her especially slow in reaching the subway and Evelyn was pissed about waiting. Oblivious to her friend’s anger, Annisa made her way over to hold tightly to Evelyn’s arm as though nothing was wrong. Evelyn settled down and they picked their way to the platform, careful to not bump anyone (another Annisa pet peeve). All was well until the doors opened and Annisa saw the small tabby standing in the car.

* Belfry bats and sharp bowling balls: a two-part mention that includes two old colloquialisms for "crazy" (1. Bats in the belfry and 2. "As sharp as a bowling ball," which is attributed to the oh-so-philosophical Looney Tunes cartoon character, Foghorn Leghorn)*Sidewalk cracks can cause untimely death, evidently...

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