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Daily Prompt: Time After Time

Nope, I did not return to 1984 and before you ask I am not channeling Cyndi Lauper (although my friends and I truly enjoyed the "So Unusual" album...). Today's Daily Prompt sends us on a hunt:

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

Right. So I cheated a bit; I do not keep change readily available. I have a jug that I occasionally drop a penny into once in a while but for the most part I keep it in my car ashtray so when I end up at the bottom of the highway ramp and am sitting at the stoplight directly in front of a man or woman who has a sign that suggests "anything will help," I dump the tray into their palm with an earnest God bless you before dashing through the intersection. And while the prompt does send us to the car to search, it is so windy outside today that I needed to make a slight adjustment in how I approached this writing.However, I did have a dollar bill handy. It was printed with the year 2006.I was working in institutional research at a higher education institution in 2006; at least that is what my body and mind were doing. My spirit was dreaming of the southwest. I was well into my doctoral program and the year before had been bitten by a love for the desert when we visited Tucson, Arizona for a national session. The hot sun, big blue sky, cactus, dry heat, and everything was beckoning me. My spirit was searching for a home and a job. Early in 2007, I was interviewed and hired for a new job in southern California and on July 4 of that year, we set out to drive cross-country and begin that chapter of our lives. In fact, it was a double-blessing: not only was I moving to a new location, but I was able to fulfill a dream from childhood--driving across the country. In seventh grade, my goal was to grow up to be a long-distance truck driver because I wanted to see the country, be behind the wheel of an amazingly large vehicle, and be my own boss. I got to see the country via Route 40, I was behind the wheel of my very full Montero (whilst my husband was behind the wheel of our Suburban). I do work outside the home but I am the boss of this space, so I guess no dreams have been deferred.

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