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Picture It & Write, 24 February: River of Life

Ah, it is once again time for the week's Picture It & Write over at Ermilia's. Go check it out and add your brilliance!As I mentioned on a previous post this evening, horror movies reign supreme in our house on Saturdays. I decided to go back to my tried and true favorite, Dr. Phibes for this piece I call "River of Life:"

The key! Where is...the key?! Phibes screeched as loudly as possible; he'd been asleep for three years and in that time Biederbeck had destroyed his home and caused him to have to travel around the world in search of the River of Life without the scrolls. And as if that had not been enough, cruel Biederbeck had taken Victoria's sepulchre and stolen the key that opened the gate to the River of Life.However, revenge was swift and sweet; having reclaimed his property, Phibes prepares to take his bride to the Beautiful Beyond. When moon and water reconcile, the secret River of Life shall be revealed.


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