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Write 4 Ten: It's the Law

Today's Write 4 Ten prompt is "frame:"

For the full skinny on rules or to join the fun, visit the page. In the meantime, here is my offering for the day which I call "It's the Law:"
Candace was determined to live well, especially after getting back on her feet and seeing the world through new eyes. She used to get angry when she heard those sayings like "Life is what you make of it" but it came to be her mantra. She thought it again as she looked down on the peaceful face of her daughter, who was asleep in her new crib. Candace was surprised when her mother showed up at the apartment, toting a large box; "It's for the baby," was all she said as she slid it through the door. She hadn't stayed but her words said so much more. Candace dropped everything she had been doing and put the crib together, excited to have something real to do in preparation for Carly's arrival; it had been five long months since last she'd held her little princess and now she would hold her forever, having been awarded sole custody. Frankie had been a dream when they first met, but once she got pregnant, his whole way of being changed; the difference in him was so strange that Candace felt like she'd gone to sleep next to one man and woken up next to another. She'd moved out, fearing for the safety of her baby after he had slapped her the second time. Almost immediately after Carly was born, Frankie started telling lies. It had gotten around town that Carly wasn't his, that Candace was a cheating drug user; even with all that he managed to get temporary full custody of Carly because he had influence. He went so far as to frame her for embezzlement, but with the support of the case workers at the women's shelter, she was not only blessed to be assigned a wonderful public defender but managed to exonerate herself of all charges. The judge saw Frankie for what he was and in the end he ended up getting arrested. For the first time, Candace felt good about what she was making of her life.

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