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Daily Prompt: Morning Already?

Yesterday's bonus prompt asked us to keep track of our first blurble this morning and write it down, then post about it. Today. I thought perhaps I'd get away without doing so, but when I visited the Daily Post page a bit ago, here's what greeted me:

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

Confession #1: I didn't write anything down. My first thoughts are not that deep (usually) and so are typically easy to keep track of.Confession #2: My regular first thought is often generated by two of the four-legged people in the house; we have four of them--two feline versions and two canine versions. The two feline versions typically begin the morning only when they've caught sight of us; at that point, they begin accusing: "You have still allowed those other two things to remain here?!? What's with that?!" The two canine versions are the ones who generate first thoughts each day. They tend to want to have conversation at around 4:45am, daily. They do not take vacations. They are always there, knocking at the door. The only exception is when we have allowed them to stay in the bedroom, in which case we have spent most of the night, wrestling for bed space with at least one of them (the boy likes to take the WHOLE bed, while eventually the girl will relent and take the floor, where she is prepared to trip one or both of us as we attempt to navigate in the dark).So my first thought goes like this:

It's too early to go to the bathroom. I wish they'd lay down; perhaps if I remain very still, they won't know I'm awake and will in fact lay back down for about 15-30 minutes.

And that's why it's a confession. Who wants to be told to wait a half-hour to pee? I work hard at not making them wait, but 4:45am?! Really?!?


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