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Daily Prompt: No Way I'm Going

Interestingly, today's Daily Prompt asks whether there is anyplace we wouldn't want to go. I immediately thought "Mercury" because of a wonderful story by Ray Bradbury. In the story, everyone lived for a very short time because of the atmosphere on Mercury; it was impossible to be outside in the day because of the planet's proximity to the sun and the cold was equally as deadly at night. Wasn't a place I wanted to go, based on all that. However, another review of the prompt suggests that we were supposed to focus on places more local: on this world. That changes things entirely, since I have not as yet been everywhere on this rock; my ability to make such a judgement is therefore limited. I suppose if forced to give an earthly answer, I'd have to say to the hydrothermal vents in the  ocean.

There are things that live near these underwater smokers. In fact, this image shows tube worms. Yeah; no way I'm going there.

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