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Friday Fictioneers, 8 March 2013: One Mite, Pt. 3

Okay okay. So I mixed up my flash posts last go-round and included Pt. 2 of the story as a response to Picture It & Write. So what; like you've never done it {pouts}. Click for parts 1 and 2 if you are interested.Anywho, we are back on track today, yessiree! And here is a proper, 100-word continuation of Sara-Jane's adventures:

Sara-Jane was able to get through most of the electronic application; fortunately the manager was a bit more kindly than Ms. Text Gumchew. He had come over and chatted with her and as it turned out, was basically interviewing her right then. He told her that he would look over her application but since he knew her story better than the computer would tell it, he had more to go on. It was looking pretty good. To celebrate, she decided to go and buy herself a few work-appropriate items. Spying a sign marked “women’s wear,” she headed for the stairs.

Written for the correct prompt, Friday Fictioneers...

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