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VisDare10: Superstitious, Pt. 3

So this is going a bit easier than I thought, this continuing the story business. Well, that's my opinion; I'll leave it to you, gentle reader, to argue for or against. Anyway, we rejoin our two friends from VisDare 8 and 9 where they were:

Annisa regained her voice and said, “Look, Evelyn; where are all the people?”Evelyn thought it wise to make light of the situation and offered a not-so-convincing chuckle; she settled on a story. “Oh, girl, you know it’s early Mother’s Day*; everybody is getting ready to party for the weekend.” She gained confidence with each word. “I betcha the stores are packed with folks buying party wings and beer. You know the championship game is on tomorrow night.” They approached the statue in the center of the square. Instead of speaking to the young man seated there however, Annisa bent over, intent on touching something along the edge. Evelyn got close and could hear Annisa chanting or praying. “What are you doing?”Annisa put her hand out and touched one of the snails. “I was offering a prayer in case one of these was about to become Sazaeoni, the demon.”

*Mother's Day: an old and crass slang term used to talk about the day welfare checks come out. Search the internet for it in the Urban Dictionary (the second definition indicates that "In California state issued welfare checks are issued monthly every 1st and 15th, known to many in ghetto communities as "mother's day")... "Early Mother's Day occurs when welfare money comes on a Friday because the intended regular day falls on the weekend. If you haven't noticed, Evelyn is not particularly a sensitive woman {rolls eyes at Madame Muse for creating Evelyn}.Click on the link tied to Sazeoni (above the photo) to read about the snail yokai (or demon)...Written for VisDare10.

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