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Daily Post: Left, or Right?

I stand, transfixed. The world is my oyster! Right screams, considering the possibilities of travel, leisure, shopping, philanthropy. Think of the dent you could make in the bills, or how you could take care of those house repairs! Left suggests, ticking off the practical things that have gone ignored for too long. I decide to sit to sit on the side of the bed while the two battle it out, eventually settling on a trip to the home improvement store to wander through the storage isles; I could pick up some bins, put-together shelving, and other related things to reorganize the nightmare that is my home. Making piles of the "things that stay," "things to give away," and "things to throw away" can be relaxing, especially if good music is playing or a great movie is on. As Right and Left continue their epic battle, I check the cost for Merry Maids, figuring that with a coupon, a promise of a great tip, and a full-house order I might be able to find my furniture again after the dust is removed (life in the desert is beautiful, but it creates cleaning havoc; having a wood-burning fireplace that we actually use...please don't tell the Lorax doesn't help matters any). While out on my trip to the home improvement place, I think I'll grab a heaping container of carne asada nachos; nothing like comfort food at a time like this. Right is clearly upset: Well, that sounds like a fine bit of fun; where's the mayhem? Where's the reckless abandon? Left chimes in: I appreciate the fact that you didn't go hog-wild, but practically-speaking, couldn't you do a little something for the family? After all, you do spend so much time at work and away from them it would be logical for you to take them on a trip maybe. Not as logical as paying some bills, but hey--start somewhere! I grab my keys and head out as Right and Left try to lobby me and each other.Once I am settled in the car, Right and Left (brain, that is) grumble themselves quiet, since neither is the clear winner.In response to the Daily Prompt suggestion, here:

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.


Prompts for the Promptless: The Army of Unanticipated Motion

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