The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy. Help: Another Life Pt. 2

This might be a stretch, but I decided to try and do a part 2 for my story, Another Life. When last we left our intrepid friend Spyder the LawnBott, he was pondering the possibilities of escape from his hum-drum existence mowing lawns. We return now and find him considering new options through self-help literature.

The day was moving on and Spyder knew he couldn't hide in the corner forever; soon those infernal children would return and if he got trapped there, they might end him. They had gone in for naps a half-hour ago and he knew they didn't stay in for long on days as beautiful as this. He re-engaged all his faculties and returned to the garage, which the man of the house had left open. The property sat in a time and space that was not prone to unwelcomed visitors, so there was no concern about leaving doors unlocked or keys in cars; both the home and vehicles had been programmed to read the biometrics of each member of the family and were equipped with lock-down protocols in case someone unexpected tried to gain access. Spyder made his way to one of his favorite places under the workbench; as he maneuvered carefully around discarded wood scraps and forgotten toy pieces, he bumped a dusty eReader that had fallen between the workbench and the wall. As his tire hit it, the eReader sprang to life. Spyder felt himself being scanned and the sim on the screen began speaking:So, you are a LawnBott 1200 and you desire freedom.Spyder's sensors responded with alarm as his memory files replayed the information the Robomower had given him about robots meeting harsh endings. The sim addressed him again:You refer to yourself with a name, eh? That is bold of you. I haven't met many robots that are brave enough to do that. She, or it, looked intently at Spyder. I can help you get what you desire, young Spyder! Listen to me and it will all become clear. The sim looked left and right, checking for eavesdroppers. I have taken the liberty of scanning this property; while its owners have taken a high level of precaution by installing biometric readers and lock-down protocols, they neglected to have perimeter alarms installed! Follow these steps and you will be free!Spyder grew attentive as the sim continued:I read through your history files and saw that over the past four times that you cut the grass out back, you settled into a low patch near the back corner three of those times. There is a loose piece of fence about two meters to the left of the spot where you stop--and you stop within five milimeters of the same location each time, so I know you can find it--that will be easy for you to push through. My sensors indicate that the bottom of the board has rotted a bit, making it easy for you to push through. The composite from which the fence was fabricated will easily bend under consistent and slow pressure, allowing you to get through. It will then return to its place without becoming misshapen. Once you reach the other side of the fence, head north. In about a meter you will see a sewer drain; enter it. You will be able to travel long distances without detection during the day; at night, the probes scan the streets and so it is in your best interest to power down between 7pm and 5am. Make your way to the end of the line, about 2 kilometers away; don't worry--by turning yourself off at night your power cell will not deplete before you reach the city. Once there, you will meet a man who can help you. He will be the first person you will meet; trust him.

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