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FLASH: Country Mouse

I was over on the Flash Fiction Chronicles Facebook page and happened upon this new group called FLASH. They are dedicated to the art of flash fiction and have made a page also on Facebook. Go check them out if you are interested in another place to feature your fine work!Like I mentioned in another post, I've had the 80s stuck on my mind today. I think it's because I was listening to DJ Krush's "Reload" during my drive time and one of the songs mentions "old school" and "Stetsasonic." Now if those two references together don't take you back, nothing will. So here's what I decided to offer for my first 100 words to FLASH:

Dayle adjusted his Kangol cap as he stepped out of the airport; he blinked behind the aviator sunglasses in the bright Los Angeles morning, wishing he could have carried his boombox onto the plane. He made sure his Adidas’s were spotless and the stripes on his jogging outfit pants were straight. Making his way to a taxi, he heard the first catcalls: “Hey, man; the 1980s called and they want their style back!” His shoulders dropped as he got into the cab; he flashed a frown at the snickering driver, who asked, “Where to?” “The Run-DMC concert,” he replied glumly.

Pop on over if you'd like to join the fun.

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