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Flash Fiction Chronicles: Abilities Confirmed

Cassandra’s family lived deep in the interior of the peninsula and it was impossible for all the things the girl said to actually be happening out in the forest; her father and mother tried their best to keep her happy with pets and teachers so she wouldn’t feel the need to keep making up stories, some of which were frightening to all within hearing distance. Feeling the pressure to believe in his daughter, her father  made a trek with her out into the forest. Cassandra had pleaded with him, saying that an epic battle was going on; she’d heard it from her window needed him to go with her to see it for himself. Upon setting foot into the glade, they were not met with the crash and boom of steel blades striking helmets but the lone howl of a wolf in the distance. He looked down at Cassandra, whose eyes were filled with tears; she knew he didn’t believe her. “Now darling,” the king began as kindly as he could.The girl interrupted. “But father, I heard it!”“Let me finish!” He bellowed; although his only daughter had him wrapped around her little finger, he was still king and had to show his authority from time to time. She quieted as tears streamed down her face. He lifted her chin until she was again looking at him. “I believe you.”She was shocked; no one in the palace believed that she saw the things she described. “You do?” She snuffled.He took a deep breath and grabbed her hand, steering her back toward home. “Yes, dear; I do. When I was about your age, I once looked out my bedroom window into a thick fog that had settled one winter morning. I told my dad that I had seen a cliff with a ship’s mast going by. Do you remember where my room was?” She pointed to a window on the right corner of the second floor. “That’s right; that window faces farther inland. I would have had to be on the other side of the house, about five floors higher, holding a very powerful looking glass if I were to see anything even close to what I described.” He shuddered, the memory chilling him. “My father forbid me to about it, but it was only because he was afraid.” Her eyes grew wide; Cassandra had not realized that others in the family were able to see things also. After taking another deep breath, the king looked down lovingly into Cassandra’s eyes. “We live in a different time now, darling. It is okay to speak of such things. What you have is a native ability, but without proper training, it could be used for the wrong purposes. I have a friend far from here who can teach you.” He pulled a letter from his pocket and handed it to Cassandra. As he watched her open it and begin to read, he knew the future of his kingdom was about to change forever.

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