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Speakeasy 100: New Frontier

A flash sparked across the sky as Carl and Edgar shielded their eyes. They never imagined their little experiment would go so well. As the bright light arched over the trees, they both stood on tip-toes inside their makeshift bunker, once the back of an old five and dime; they'd discarded the small air unit and had turned the small opening into their observation window. They watched in silence as their creation dropped below the treetops, reaching (they hoped) its intended destination. They felt the push of air and saw the trees bend under the pressure of it landing; the whole building shook briefly as the sky lit up in a mixture of bright pink, light green, and robin's-egg blue. Edgar jumped as the phone rang and he could hear Samantha's voice as Carl picked up the receiver and held it about two inches from his face. "Now c'mon, honey!" He tried to get a word in, "Edgar and I was just tryin' to prove what we said!" Carl had to pause and move the phone to a safer distance from his ear drum. "Look here! We been tellin' you there ain't been no other girls. Now, Edgar loves your sister and I love you, dammit! We been over here tryin' to work out the bugs on this here rocket. Do you have any idea how much money we could make on this?"

As he finished the sentence there was a knock at the door. Edgar got down from his perch as Carl continued to ply Samantha with platitudes; when he opened it, he found himself staring down the barrel of a menacing-looking weapon, held by a man in a gas mask. Perhaps the experiment went a bit too well, he thought as he backed into the room.


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