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Write Now! Prompt, 12 March 2013: Love, Alien Style

An awful smell arose from the toaster as he attempted to prepare a special breakfast for the love of his life. It was their septuamillenial anniversary and he'd insisted on making the morning meal so she could continue to recline in bed. She had looked so angelic when he'd slipped his tentacles to the floor, trying not to disturb her rest. He tried to reassure her that all was well since she was calling down the hall, having noticed the wafting odor. "It's fine, darling! Probably just a stray crumb in the bottom of the toaster bin. Don't you trouble yourself!" He did his best to sound cheery. As turned back to stir the Venusian eggs after having placed the moon flowers on the side of the tray, he saw her standing over the toaster. "My love! Please get back in bed! I'm almost ready!"It was too late; she'd grabbed a fork and had popped the toaster button. She took to poking in there to get the now-burnt item out of the slot. As she got the smoking remnant out, she turned to him with love in her eyes. "Darling, you can't toast earthlings; they must be broiled only!"

Written for today's Write Now! prompt. For some reason the 80s have been on my mind today (as you can see in at least one other prompt); below is the inspiration for this one...



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