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Write On Edge 900: Ain't That A...


So here I sit--well, lay would be a more accurate assessment, since I'm in ICU with tubes running everywhere. I can write, thank God, since my left arm was about the only thing not shattered; when I woke up they gave me a pencil and a pad. I made my marks and the nurse brought me a mirror so I got to see what's left of my face. The fight left me worse off than I thought but I know I took some skin and hair with me. At least 10 of those other girls knew I was there, you know what I mean? They brought me a computer today so that'sh how I'm doing this. I need to tell you what happened.

Hugo had a list to fill; he'd already had enough issues and now that he'd made it, he had plans. I wanted to be a part of that and so did a bunch of other girls. I had a friend whose brother's ex-roommate had met Hugo once back in the day and got a tip on where the thing was going down. I got all dressed in my sexiest outfit, teased my hair, and got there just as he got started. And then things went downhill. The first chick on my right grabbed my hair but before she knew what hit her I'd given her an elbow to the gut. The next one tried to kick me but I grabbed her ankle and flipped her (guess watching 'professional' wrestling finally paid off, huh?). I got a few more licks in like I said and was coming up swinging when a group of them set on me; they bashed me against the brick wall and broke my nose, split my cheek open, and broke a finger in the process. When the dust settled and Hugo went down the line, I was number 100. Missed the list by one, and if you'd seen that howler that was number 99 you'd understand. Ain't that just about a bitch?

Write On Edge offered the Hugo video above and a surprise prompt today. Go visit and check it out; if your response to the video (mine is offered above) is selected as top dog, you might win a prize! Ain't that a... (in a good way)!

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