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Daily Prompt: "...The Ground Was Hallowed"

It sat outside the gate, grumbling; each time one of us would try to move, it would come at us with menacing jumps, throaty screaming, and smoke. For its size it moved quickly and based on our recent encounters we all knew we all couldn't get away. What bugged me the most was why it didn't just come in and get us. Even when we got close to the gate, it would huff and push but wouldn't come through; it hit the bricks once and caused a slight topple, but it didn't keep coming. It could have killed just about all of us in that one instant, but it didn't.

Deja vu? Perhaps. As you may know, "The Car" has to be my favorite movie, tied of course with the Phibes films; all of these have been featured in a post or two so if the video above seems familiar, there you are. There are a zillion lines that I could have used, including these:

  • I want everybody out on the streets. I want you to remember... a young man was killed today, passing through our town... and I don't like it... I don't like it at all. Goodbye.
  • Yeah... yeah, ten years of giving out traffic tickets, and all this in one day!
  •  [The old lady] said... there was no driver in the car.
  • Whatever happened to last Thursday? I had it made last Thursday.
  • Are you gonna stand there philosophizing, or are you gonna buy me a drink? You're not smart enough to do both.
  • I'd like to see what a creep like you looks like!

Thanks, Daily Prompt folks, for giving me one more chance to talk about this movie :) Oh, and for making me go look to see if I could find the diecast model, which I just bid on over at eBay...updates as they occur (and photos if I win...).

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