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A Fond Farewell, Chapter 1

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow...Which nobody can deny! Frederick's face was starting to hurt because he had kept that fake smile on for far too long. And if they had said any of those six words one more time he most likely would have puked pink punch all over the break room's fake terrazzo floor.Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny...Really?! he thought as he tried his best to look uncomfortable in hopes they would just trail off and stop singing but they completed the entire disturbing tune."Eyyy, Freddie!" The people at the office called him Freddie; his name was Frederick and he tended to prefer the whole moniker, even over  'Fred' which he lovingly tolerated from those he considered friends, lovers, or confidants. As he turned, he felt the weight of a tremendous paw landing in the middle of his upper spine. "So you're leaving us little folks behind, huh? What's next, man?" It was Jonathan, who preferred 'Johnny' or 'J-Man' who had sidled over and clapped Frederick on the back.Well, I think I'll first take a cruise around the world and then go climb Mount Kilimanjaro, he thought. Frederick moved so Jonathan--he refused to call him anything but, since they were not friends--was forced to remove his hand. "I'll most likely go down to the unemployment office first thing next week and sign up for that program where they help you find a new job," smiling, he stood to move as far away as possible from the shocked accountant.Welcome to the first chapter of the first series I'm adding to the "Speculative Soap Operas" page! As Madame Muse wanders from subject to subject, I wanted to create a corral for those stories that wander the back pastures of the brain. As time moves on, look for additional chapters and soaps to appear. 

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